Chocolate palate and its flowing caramel heart

Chocolate palace and its flowing caramel heart
Ingredients (6 people):
100G of glucose
100G of powdered sugar
3G of vanilla flavouring
150G of liquid cream
50G of salted butter
200G of dark chocolate


Melt the couverture chocolate.

(For a perfect cover, melt the chocolate in a bain-marie at 50/55°, lower the temperature to 28° and then raise it to 31/32°).

Pour the chocolate into small silicone molds, spreading the chocolate evenly and thinly over the sides. Set aside in a cool place.

Meanwhile, prepare the salted butter caramel.

In a saucepan, put the sugar and glucose and leave it over medium heat until you obtain a caramel.

Decook the caramel with the cream previously heated to 80°.

Then return to the boiling point.

Let the temperature drop to 40° and add the 50g of semi-salted butter and the vanilla flavouring.

Stir until it melts.

Take the chocolate out of the cool place.

Pour a small amount of caramel into each mold and cover again with melted couverture chocolate to close the palace and trap the caramel.
let cool in the fridge for a 5 hours.
Unmould and enjoy to your heart’s content!