christmas cookies

1 egg
125 g of butter or 8.333 tbsp
125 g caster sugar or 8.333 tbsp
250 g of flour or 8.333 tbsp
1 pinch of salt
to flavour the dough: liquid vanilla or lemon zest or bitter almond extract

How to make colourful Christmas shortbread

In a mixing bowl, vigorously mix the egg, sugar and salt. Gradually add the flour and mix well.
Pour the resulting dough onto a cutting board. Work the softened butter and the chosen flavour into the mixture with your hands. Roll out the dough with a rolling pin and cut out the dough with cookie cutters.

Bake in a hot oven on a buttered tray for 20 minutes at medium heat.

The glaze
The glaze finalizes your shortbread and gives it seasonal colours.

300 grams of icing sugar
1 egg white
1 teaspoon lemon juice
Food colouring
sugar decorations: sprinkles, vermicelli, etc.

Whisk the white of egg with the icing sugar and lemon juice
Pour the mixture into several bowls so that you can have different colours once you have added the food colouring of your choice.

To apply the glaze to the shortbread, simply use a teaspoon.
If you’re a perfectionist, you may prefer to pipe around the edge of the decoration before filling the inside.

Finish your decoration to your taste with sugar flakes or chocolate vermicelli.
Leave to cool and enjoy… while there’s still some left!