Christmas tree milkshake

Little Debbie Christmas tree milkshake

1 cup of vanilla ice cream
2-3 Little Debbie Christmas cakes
1 cup of milk
1 tsp of vanilla extract

Mix all ingredients together in a blender then pour in a cup.

Top it with cool whip and/or sprinkles and a cake.


Vanilla Milkshake Recipe



1) Ingredients
1/2 L vanilla ice cream
300 g milk
1/2 glass of crushed ice (optional)
a few drops of liquid vanilla
whipped cream
sweet decorations
caramel or chocolate sauce
2) Preparation
Place the vanilla ice cream, milk and liquid vanilla in a blender and blend until smooth. Cook’s tip: you can add crushed ice to make a fresher and more liquid milkshake, perfect for dessert!
Pour your milkshake into 2 large glasses. Top with whipped cream and decorate with sweet decorations.
For even more deliciousness, finish with a drizzle of caramel sauce! Cook’s tip: you can also put a little chocolate or caramel sauce in the bottom of your milkshake glass before pouring the vanilla milkshake!