ding dong cake recipe

For the chocolate dough need :

2 large eggs ;
200 grams of flour ;
2 tablespoons of homemade sour cream;
200 grams of 82% cornflower oil;
250g fat syrup ;
100 g 70% cocoa bar of chocolate;
7 g baking powder;
500 g of boroshne w/o.
For the creamy oozing :

300 g of fine vermicelli butter ;
100 g of manna grits ;
300 g of flour ;
500 ml of whole milk;
1 lemon.
The method of making lilac cake consists of steps :

For the dough in a bowl beat the eggs at room temperature with the zucor. Add melted cooking oil to the eggs, knead the mass, and add sour cream and powder.
Enter into the dough grated through a sieve, melted chocolate, cross the boroshno in portions, stirring constantly, so that the texture of the dough appeared smooth.
Pour the dough into a parchment-lined form, and level the surface.
Heat at 150°C for 10 hwy, increase temperature to 180°C, continue cooking for 20 hwy. At the end of baking leave the cake in the oven, take it out of the mould, divide it into 3 cakes.
For the cream, boil the semolina with grated lemon. Put the malted semolina into the warm malted semolina and melt the butter. Beat the components into a smooth mass with a citrus flavor, let the cream stabilize for 30-40 minutes on the floor of the refrigerator, tightening the container with baking wrap.
Take the chocolate cake with the chilled cakes with a generous creamy pastry. Cover the top and the sides of the dessert with thick cream, decorate the top with fruit or berries in chocolate icing.