8 beef steaks of 150 to 200 g (1)
or 4 beef steaks for two persons of 300 to 400 g (2)
80 g peppercorns
4 cl oil
40 g butter
PM fine salt
Pepper sauce
1 shallot, chopped
4 cl of cognac
10 cl of white wine
40 cl of brown veal stock
10 cl of fresh cream
40 g of butter
QS of roasted mignonette pepper (optional)

Prepare the elements
Make the mignonette: coarsely crush the peppercorns at the last minute in a mortar and pestle, using the flat of a knife blade or a plastic bag with a rolling pin. Place in a small tray to facilitate breading.

Prepare and bread the steak: Trim the steak if necessary. Coat it with the mignonette, pressing gently on both sides. This preparation can be done in advance, the service will be faster and the meat more fragrant.

Sauté the steak
Sauté the steak in a hot frying pan and cook it to the desired level.

Sautéing a piece of red meat

Making the Pepper Sauce
The sauce is prepared according to the usual technique of making a short sauce by deglazing :

Partially degrease the sauté pan. Sweat the chopped shallot if necessary.
Moisten with cognac, then light it. Sweeten with white wine and reduce until almost dry.
Moisten with the strong juice or the brown veal stock and reduce again.
Cream and reduce to consistency. Adjust the seasoning and pass through a chinois étamine in a small water bath.
Whip the sauce with butter off the heat and add a little roasted mignonette if necessary.