White nougat recipe

250g Honey
250g Sugar
400g Hulled almonds
100g Pistachios, shelled
3Egg whites
1 tablespoon Orange blossom water
1 pinch Salt
2Large sheets of wafer paper (bought from confectioners)

A sugar thermometer will be very useful. The small ball is obtained by heating the sugar to a temperature of 109 to 116 °C. The big one is obtained at 145 to 150 °C.

If you are using egg whites left over from another preparation (not more than 24 hours in the refrigerator) and you do not remember how many there are, weigh them, counting that 4 whites make 120 g.

To melt the almonds easily, throw them into boiling water and then drain them. Crush them immediately, the skin will come off easily.

To achieve very firm egg whites, use a perfectly clean bowl and egg whites without any trace of yolk. The slightest particle of fat will prevent the whites from rising. If any yolk mixes with the whites, remove it with an empty shell.

The whites will be perfectly smooth if you add a little sugar halfway through, while continuing to beat them. There is no risk of the whites becoming grainy.